The Japan Times Satoyama Photo Contest Selected by Readers 2019

2019年10月24日 11時00分

 The Japan Times Satoyama Photo Contest Selected by Readers 2019

not thought of since last year. I hope that satoyama and satoumi will continue to spread throughout the country.

【General Category Excellence Award】
Photographer: Mr. Kyosuke Yonemura Shooting Place: Misato-machi,
Shimomashiki-gun, Kumamoto Pref.
I am very happy that the landscape I live in has been selected for the Excellence Award. As the name suggests, Misato is a quiet town surrounded by beautiful nature. The sunset reflected in the rice field during rice planting time is so beautiful that you will forget the time. By all means, please come and see this area! Thank you again for the wonderful prize.

【Municipal Category Best Award】
Municipality: Fukuyama-city
Town Mayor: Mr. Naoki Edahiro
Shooting Place: Tomo-cho, Fukuyama-shi, Hiroshima Pref. (Tomonoura)
It is one of the largest stone night lights in Japan. It has been watching over the port since the Edo period.

【Municipal Category Excellence Award】
Municipality: Hayama-machi
Town Mayor: Mr. Takahito Yamanashi
Shooting Place: Hayama-machi, Miura-gun, Kanagawa Pref. (Ajisai Park)
From the hillside park surrounded by about 3000 hydrangea, you can see the ocean and Mt. Fuji with a hydrangea-colored evening sky.

【Municipal Category Excellence Award】
Municipality: Jinsekikougen-cho
Town Mayor: Mr. Yoshinori Irie
Shooting Place: Jinsekikougen-cho, Hiroshima Pref. (Taishakukyo)
Within the Taishaku Gorge, a national park that spans between Jinseki Kougen and Shobara City in Hiroshima Prefecture, you can see a starry sky and a cherry blossom bridge
overlooking the shores of Shinryu Lake.

■ About The Japan Times Satoyama Consortium
【Activity guidelines】
1. To support, connect and increase practitioners of Satoyama capitalism and to make that activity sustainable.
2. To make Satoyama capitalism function as an alternate option of money capitalism.
3. Supporting and involvement in Satoyama capitalism is to create an environment that increases the value of companies, local governments, etc. both in Japan and overseas.



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