Michael Rob Gray, the Headmaster of Institut Le Rosey, assumed the post of advisor for NEED

2018年10月31日 13時00分

Michael Rob Gray

We are pleased to announce that Michael Rob Gray, Headmaster of Institut Le Rosey in Switzerland, has assumed the post of advisor for Next Educational Environment Development (Jinsekikogen-cho, Hiroshima Prefecture) to support the company in establishing Japan’s first elementary boarding school, Jinseki International School (JINIS).

Michael Rob Gray, a graduate of Cambridge University, has worked as a teacher and administrator in schools and universities in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Belgium. He is known as a leading educator and supporter of the International Baccalaureate program since he became Head of the most prestigious boarding school in Switzerland 16 years ago.

Mr Gray is enthusiastic about the opening of the first elementary boarding school of its kind in Japan: "In a truly bilingual educational environment, Jinseki International School will not only be an elementary boarding school, but will also provide the best of Japanese and international education. In a beautiful natural setting, it will incorporate cultural programs into its curriculum as well as a global educational outlook using the English language."

The school, modelled on the finest boarding schools in the United Kingdom, Switzerland and the United States, will provide a warm environment for facilitating the academic and social growth of the students. “While learning to respect diversity and nature, the children will be able to explore their creativity and curiosity in addition to developing other talents, which is the fundamental value in our education,” he adds.

“Our aim is to support the personal development of students from Japan and other countries as well as fostering their academic growth, using the forward-looking educational practices found in excellent schools around the world."



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