ORIX to Start Verification Tests Using Alipay on Okinawa Urban Monorail's “Yui Rail” Together with TIS and Other Partners

2018年6月22日 15時30分

TOKYO, Japan - June 21, 2018- ORIX Corporation(“ORIX”), in partnership with TIS Inc.(“TIS”), Ant Financial Japan, NIPPON SIGNAL CO., LTD.(“NIPPON SIGNAL”), QUADRAC CO., LTD.(“QUADRAC”), and Okinawa Urban Monorail, Inc.(“Okinawa Urban Monorail”), announced that verification tests on the “Yui Rail” monorail line operated by Okinawa Urban Monorail will start on June 22, 2018. These tests are aimed at implementing a service that allows travelers to directly use the electronic payment platform Alipay1 at railway ticket gates.

According to the Japan National Tourism Organization, the number of international visitors to Japan in 2017 was 28.69 million, a 19.3% increase from the previous year. Chinese visitors accounted for 25.6% of this total, at 7.35 million. Among Chinese visitors, the trend is shifting from group tours to independent travel. The percentage of independent travelers visiting Japan was only 28.5% in 2012, but jumped significantly to 60% in 2017. Additionally, in a survey of international visitors, “transportation” followed “communication in general” as the most significant problem respondents faced on their trip2. Considering these circumstances, there is an urgent need to make public transportation easier for international visitors to use.

Due to Alipay’s exceptional convenience, it has not only been adopted all across China, but has even spread to commercial facilities in Japan. The verification tests of Alipay high-speed payment on Yui Rail are aimed at making transportation more convenient for Chinese visitors by establishing a framework for direct use of Alipay at ticket gates.



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