DLoFre's SIROnoMINKA (White Minka), a Meditation Lodging with a Feel for Japan's Original Vistas, Is Set to Open

2018年5月18日 00時30分


A proposal for a slower life, with a challenge for 100% Renewable Energy

HAMAMATSU, Japan - The SIROnoMINKA (White Minka), located in a tranquil pastoral setting within Hamamatsu City's Miyakoda, is set to open in May of 2018 as a destination for non-Japanese tourists.

The building itself is a unique melding of wooden textures and rediscovered ancient techniques that offers guests the comfort of vistas that call to mind a Japan of old while relaxing in comfortable mountain breezes. Close your eyes and you can sense the vitality of the local residents. Both your body and soul will be replete with natural energy after a breakfast that focuses on locally grown fruits and vegetables. You will come to greet yourself, in the gentle air, and reclaim what is most important. The lodging allows you to return to daily life with a lighter soul.

Miyakoda Construction is a construction company local to Miyakoda that specializes in custom-ordered wooden homes. Aiming to revitalize an area hard hit by the effects of an increasingly aging population, we established a new brand, "DLoFre's", to help make our lifestyles even more beautiful. We operate a slower life space, DLoFre's Campus, where furniture stores and cafes have opened to promote a more proper way of living.

All of the energy used on DLoFre's Campus is green power, generated with natural sources, including wind and solar energy. For more information of this effort is on the website of NAZCA: Global Climate Action established by the United Nations.



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