“Supporting traditional methods of Japanese sake brewing with Artificial Intelligence” Brewing AI-SAKE with the World Champion sake brewer

2017年12月27日 15時55分

ima Inc. will launch a new project, "Art of Artificial Artisan". For its first approach named "AI-SAKE", ima will support traditional methods of Japanese sake brewing with Artificial Intelligence, collaborating with Nambu Bijin, a Japanese sake brewer located in Ninohe, Iwate prefecture and ABEJA, the creator of a deep learning system "ABEJA Platform".
"Art of Artificial Artisan" project aims to support to inherit Japanese traditional artisan which are beginning to be lost. "AI-SAKE" targets to develop an AI tool that will visualize experienced artisan and notifying the best duration of the water absorbing process, which is one of the brewing processes rarely automated. This tool will enable to brew sustainable and high-quality Japanese sake.
This project will be supported and collaborated with Dr. Yutaka Matsuo who is a project associate professor at Institute of Engineering Innovation, the University of Tokyo.

1. Background
The quality of Japanese sake brewed nowadays has improved thanks to installment of computers providing data management, thermometers, refrigerating equipment, and other electronic devices. But still, the "UMAMI" created by elements such as the philosophy of the brewers and their respect to the land they brew on is highly regarded internationally.
For example, the duration of the water absorbing process of the rice prior to steaming is been determined only by the experienced brewers called "Toji".
We focused on the possibilities that these processes relying on experienced human judgments could be standardize by the utilization of Artificial Intelligence and success these fading traditional artisans to the future.

2. Project
The project’s objective is to develop an AI tool that will determine the best timing to end the water absorbing process and drain the rice out of the water using an image authentication device.



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"AI Mural/Mural in Roppongi" will be exhibited in Media Ambition Tokyo 2019

AIによる壁画「AI Mural/六本木の壁画」 Media Ambition Tokyo 2019 出展のお知らせ


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